Islamic Software Inside Sabily Gaza release

I list out an Islamic software that include inside Sabily Gaza release. Their software engineer added some new software that is very useful for Muslims. Here are all the software,

1. Hijra Applet - Calendar for Muslims.

2. Minbar Prayer Times - Alarm for your praying time. Able to play athan.

3. Monajat Applet for supplications - Monajat and dua for you. Appears follow by your setting.

Example of Monajat pop up.

4. Noor - Holy Quran browser.

5. Othman Mus-haf - Othman Electronics Quran Browser.

6. Thwab - Thwab Electronic Encyclopedia. Sample book included.

7. Zekr - For study Holy Quran with recitation and translation. This is my favourite software in Sabily.

Three Islamic software were put under Science category and all in Arabic font and language.

8. Fsool - the Sira of The prophet Muhammad.

9. Rejaal - a flash bibliography of 60 Sahabi around the prophet Muhammad.

10. Arab Eyes Qamoos - Arabic to English dictionary.

We hope in the next version the last three software can be select to English language.
This ten software is very good and useful software for Islamic people all over the world. Hopefully soon many Muslims software engineer will participate in Sabily in order to spread it to all over the world. InsyaAllah.


  1. Alhamdulillah, finally i've found someone who dedicated to use Sabily GNU/Linux..

  2. I will not try to understand if Muslims still don't want to use it... (all this word is correct)