Make Bootable Flash Drive In Windows XP

Good news for windows user. Now you can make bootable flash drive from your windows OS and have chance to try Sabily on your system. The tools that you need is Fedora LiveUSB Creator that you can download from or you can download directly from here. Thanks to the authors Luke Macken and Kushal Das. After you download the software and installed it, you can start making bootable flash drive inside your windows OS. I shared how to make bootable flash drive inside windows XP.
Before we start the Fedora LiveUSB Creator, insert your flash drive to your empty USB port. You don't need to format your flash drive but make sure it have enough space for your bootable file.

Start your Fedora LiveUSB Creator software. Let it detect your flash drive. If you have more than one flash drive, select which you want to make bootable.

At 'Use existing Live CD', Click Browse and locate your Sabily ISO file to make bootable and click Open.

Click on Create Live USB to start the process. It take about 10 minutes on my system.

Close the programme after finish.

You can see it log file at the program file folder. Click OK.

Now you already have bootable Sabily flash drive and can use it on any system that have options to boot from USB drive. Hopefully soon you will use Sabily as your Host operating system.


  1. Wow! Its really a great idea to make your flash drive as bootable flash drive. I 'll try to practice it today. Thanks for sharing such a nice info buddy.

  2. I'd created the bootable usb drive and my netbook is booting from this drive but how can I install linux on netbook?

  3. Hi, Indra Bisen, thanks for your comment. Anyway, didn't you get installation menu when you boot from bootable usb drive? What distro that you created in your bootable drive?

  4. Nice information, this really useful for me. There is nothing to argue about. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it. Thanks.

  5. good post but it is very typical to easy O S user so how to work for linux flash drive , thanks