Badge and Stickers to Promote Sabily

     I edit some of Sabily brand item to create a badge and some sticker as material for promoting Sabily. You can copy, print and stick it to your Sabily machine. You also can pass it to your contacts for introducing Sabily. Maybe they can stick it at their Computer Shops, Internet Cafe, IT Centre, Community etc. Thanks for supporting Sabily operating system.

Right click on the picture to save it on your machine.

01. Sabily Badge
 02. Operated by Sabily white.
 03. Operated by Sabily green round.
 04. Operated by Sabily black.

Lets promote Sabily.



  1. that's a good grapichs.
    when you print and distribute it to all member of sabily?

  2. We just design, all members need to print by their own. Sorry for now cause we don't have a good donation yet... Maybe future...