CompizConfig Extra Animations and Effect Installation

     I confirm that an extra effect or animation for CompizConfig is disable on Sabily Al-Quds. There Sabily users who ask about it in the forum Sabily in Malay. He request how to get Burn animations on Al-Quds. If you have suitable graphics engine, why not you enable an extra animation? Here I show how to install it then enable an extra animation and effect for CompizConfig. I assume that you already activated your graphics driver.

01. In this picture shows a limited of animations on CompizConfig.
02. Install an extra animations and effect for CompizConfig by running this command, sudo apt-get install compiz-fusion-plugins-extra .
03. Installation in progress.
04. Installation finished.
05. In this picture shows additional extra animations on CompizConfig.

     Now you can enable many animations and effect on your Sabily Al-Quds which you can't get on other than Linux distributions.


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