Sabily Manarat - Enable Graphics Driver

Here how I activate my ASUS ATI HD3850 graphics driver for Sabily Manarat. Also applicable for Ubuntu. This is important to enable 3D effect in our distro. From here also we can know either our graphics hardware can support for 3D effect or not. So, for who own a suitable graphics hardware for 3D effect, you can follow this step in order to activate your graphics driver.

1. Go to System/Administration, click on Hardware Drivers.

2. It will search for available drivers.

3. Drivers available. Click Activate to activate it.

4. Fill your password. then click Authenticate.

5. It will download and install the driver.

6. Driver installed. Restart your computer in able to activate it.

Now you can enable 3D effect and some applications that need powerful graphics engine.


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