Sabily 10.04 Manarat - Download

So, where should we download and get Sabily 10.04 Manarat? For Sabily team member at Launchpad, we will be inform for release of new version from Mr, Mehdi or for the previous 9.10 Gaza from Mr. Abdelmonam by emel. Then we will download it fast from Wuala where almost some of Sabily team member have account there. If you want fast information about it, you also should joint Sabily team and create an account there. Then, the creator will put it on server for public access. Remember that it size slightly big then if you have problem with your internet speed you will be unable to download it. Unless if you use Firefox that enable continuous download process but it also depend on the host server condition.

So for non member, you can download it from official Sabily homepage here. I will split the small version of Sabily Manarat to help anybody that facing problem download from Sabily homepage. You can get it part by part from the link that I will put later. Let support and download it.

Example of Sabily Manarat ISO file that added on Wuala.

Sabily Manarat ISO file on Sabily homepage. Also can be download from Download Area page.

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