Ubuntu Sabily Software - Calculator With Many View

I like to talk about Sabily application, Calculator. In Sabily (maybe Ubuntu too) its Calculator application had many views depend on what is the items that we want to calculate. For example if you're an engineer, you can view your calculator to Scientific and if you're involved in business, you should view your calculator to Financial. Let see all the view of the calculator that we can have.

To start Calculator, go to Applications/Accessories - Calculator.

First view, Basic. Most use for normal user.

Second view, Advanced. Advanced view for normal user.

Third view, Financial. Suitable for Accountant or Businessmen.

Fourth view, Scientific. Suitable for Engineer.

Fifth view, Programming. Suitable for Programmer.

So, I suggest for who that interest in Sabily or Ubuntu software better to install this operating system cause it have many facilities to users and its free.

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