Linux Sabily 3D Games Installation - Street Fighter IV Benchmark

Most of young computer user must be like to have a computer that can run 3D games smoothly. What about operating system like Sabily? Can we run 3D games inside it. Most games are design for Windows operating systems. Very less support for Linux base operating system. So I try to run benchmark of the games on Linux Sabily. For this time I will try Street Fighter IV and run using Wine. Lets see how I installed it.

After download Street Fighter IV benchmark file, right click on it and choose Open With Wine.

Select Setup Language.

Preparing to Install.

InstallShield Wizard. Click Next.

Accept the license and click Next.

Locate Destination Folder and click Next.

Ready to Install. Click Install.

Installation in progress.

Installation Completed.

To run it, you can find it at Application/Wine/Programs/CAPCOM/STREET FIGHTER IV BENCHMARK.

I try to run it on my systems but it picture slightly blur cause of built in GPU that I'm using. Later I will reinstall back my ATI GPU in order to run Street Fighter IV Benchmark on my system. I will share it later.


  1. I visit first time to your blog. It is so nice.
    Thanks for this.

  2. Do you know where to downlaod street fighter iv?

  3. You mean full version of it? I'm not sure. I just use the benchmark to try it on Sabily...