Sabily Software - Equalizer for Rhythmbox

When I'm inside Sabily, for play my mp3 file I always use Rhythmbox as my favourite player. It is a very good music player for me. One day, when I want to adjust its sound by using an equalizer, I can't found it on the plugins list. Then I search on the Internet and found third party equalizer for Rhythmbox at homepage. Before that I already found some tip from other place how to get equalizer for Rhythmbox but I think at homepage one is the most easiest way to get it. Let's share how I got it for my lovely music player, Rhythmbox.

Go to

At 10 Band Equalizer, click on Alternative Homepage. You will be direct to LIRMM homepage.

Below Install title, copy all the code.

Open your Terminal and paste the code on it.

After you paste it, equalizer will be installed immediately and automatically.

To see the equalizer, run your Rhythmbox. If you already open it while you install the equalizer, you need to close and run it back. Go to Edit and click on Plugins.

Tick on Equalizer plugins to enable it. You also can configure it from here.

After configure, type a name for the preset that you already set. To resetting it back, just click on 10 Band Equalizer menu on Rhythmbox.

Now you can have better sound for your Rhythmbox music player same as Winamp when you use Windows last time.
Next I will search a Skins for our Rhythmbox music player to get a better interface for it.


  1. good job, rhtymbox have an equalizer now.

  2. Thanks.. It should skinable too...

  3. simple and good tutorial meorbu :) i like it very much

  4. just share my experience...
    anyway please spread good source of information to your friend...

  5. Assalamo Alaykom, I've to try this tool, :D

  6. But now I'm always use Amarok, it already had equalizer installed...

  7. Open a terminal, and execute this command: tar -xvzf rbeq-1.4.tar.gz -C ~/.gnome2

    Please remove any previously installed versions of rbeq before attempting a new installation.

    Open rhythmbox, and go to Edit -> Plugins, and select "Rhythmbox Equalizer."

    If you're on Fedora 13, just run a yum install rhythmbox-equalizer.