Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Beta 1 - First Experience on Virtualbox

I had download Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Long Term Support) Beta 1 and run on Virtualbox to browse and get first experience on it. Installing it on my system is very smooth without any problem occur. It was very surprise amazing appearance that they had modified for this new version. Very beautiful colour and font to change the very old style one. Its a right time for them to change it in this new and modern world. I like to share some of the screenshot that I take while installing Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 1.

Start screen for installing Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 1.

Installation going to start.

Default theme after finished installing Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 1.

Now we have to wait for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS release in order to experience a full feature OS that they offer about 21 days to go from now.


  1. Salam, rakam skit demo penggunaan UNIX nih. Macam best jee..

  2. InsyaAllah bro, Linux bukan UNIX... Dua tu berbeza...