Ubuntu 9.10 Install Inside Windows XP

All know Ubuntu 9.10 already release and we are still waiting for Sabily 9.10. Lets talk about installing Ubuntu 9.10 inside windows xp. First you must download Ubuntu 9.10 from Ubuntu or Virtualbox websites.
To install Ubuntu 9.10 inside windows xp we need to use virtual drive software and I recommend is Virtualbox. You can download Virtualbox here and install it first.


  1. What is the size of the Sability? How many Gig?

  2. how to install the sabily 10.10 inside windows XP. i need to know for the detil information from you thanks before.

  3. There are two methods to install inside windows. Either you use virtual machine or use Wisabi software. If you use virtual machine for example Virtualbox, you need to install Virtualbox for Window first, then run Sabily inside it by using Sabily ISO file or Live DVD. If you choose to use Wisabi, you will install Sabily like other software to Window but it will work like dualboot where you need to select between two operating system while your OS start. So if you select Sabily to start, you can fully control on it like fresh install. Then when you want to remove it, just select start to Window, go to add remove program and uninstall it.
    Thats all. You need more detail?..