System to run Sabily

What is my system specification that can accept Sabily to run?

Processor AMD Athlon 64 3000+
Memory Kingston DDR2 533 512Mb
Motherboard MSI 7309
Hard Disk Western Digital 80 Gb SATA
Hard Disk Western Digital 320 Gb SATA
Power Supply Icute 450W

By this system I can enable visual effect at appearance menu.


  1. Before I'm using Asus Radeon HD3850 but now already remove and using built in graphics Nvidia GeForce 6100 driver version 96.43.10. Because now I'm not playing game, and I want to reduce my power supply temperature. Maybe for testing some game, I'll using back the Radeon.

  2. Bro, my PC always stuck when playing game, I already format a few time. Now stable but hangg when play big game. Should I use AMD processor?

  3. Dheroyan, what graphic chip you use and memory size. Should use power graphic card.