About Sabily and Me

I found about Sabily in one forum about business on the website. Before that I already try Ubuntu and found it great OS but its look like to many thing not support, I switch back to WindowsXP. After I heard about Sabily, then I try to install it on my PC. I found it is a very useful OS for me cause it have built in Zekr software where I can learn Quran easily and by many translation and recitation. So until now I'm still with Sabily OS and waiting for its new release Gaza. You can found more detail about Sabily here. The most important is its free to download. You can download it free here. It have many version and I'm download and install full version with recitation. Please download it and next we will discuss step by step how to install it. If you are Windows friend, don't worry because we can make dual boot Windows and Sabily or we also can run Windows inside Sabily. If your connection is too slow to download, maybe you can request it boot disk from me. Just e-mel to me.


  1. Good job bro, new system will find a lot of new user in the future. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks, do joint linuxsabily group at facebook.