Sabily - Try it without any change to your computer

Ready to install Sabily? If you are not sure to install it, you can try Sabily by running it from your boot DVD disc. All application can run from it. How to do it? First off all you must make your DVD boot first from other media. This can be enable by changing your motherboard BIOS setting at Boot menu by select first boot device to DVD which you use to insert your boot Sabily disc. If you are not sure, please refer to your motherboard manual how to enter it BIOS setting. Insert your Sabily disc to DVD then save and exit your BIOS setting. Don't forget to save your BIOS setting. Your system will reboot and Sabily installation menu will appear with it default to "Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer". Just select it by press enter on your keyboard. Your Sabily will run from it DVD disc without install to your hard disc. From here you can play around and try all Sabily applications. To shutdown, go to System and select Shutdown.

Sabily Installation Option

First Screen of Sabily

Shutdown Sabily

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