Make small icon on Dash

What about big icon on the shell dash? It size also can be modified to match with your application icon. To modified icon size on the dash, we need to modified dash.js file which write in Java. So, follow this step,

1. Open terminal and run this command, sudo gedit /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/js/ui/dash.js
2. Search for 'iconSizes' as you see on the screenshot. In this screenshot we can see it icon maximum size is 64. So an icon on the dash will be show in 64 size.
3. To make small size icon, just delete the bigger value. For example on this screenshot, I delete 64 and 48. So an icon on the 'dash' will be show in 32 size.
4. Save your setting.
5. Re login. Now you can see the icon is small in 32 size.



  1. Before all, thank you for this info
    Jazakum Allahu Khairan

    I would like to correct some point please :

    .js are javascript files not java.
    Javascript and java are completely different languages.

    Java is a compiled programming language ,its code compiled to bytecode ( an intermediate language , Java was invented by sun microsystems and is now developed by Java community process , a standadizing group including oracle and ibm .file extension of source code is (.java) and is compiled to (.class)

    Javascript is a scripting language , its code is run without compiling . Javascript was invented by Netscape and is now developed by ECMA , a standardizing group ; and this is why it is sometimes called ECMAScrpt. file extension of source code is (.js) .

  2. Alhamdulillah and thanks for your information. Apologize for my mistake. Since I'm not a programmer, this is some misunderstanding from me.
    You are welcome to join Sabily team.