Install Sabily on USB Flash Drive

Now let try to install Sabily on your USB Flash Drive. This can make you able to try Sabily since USB Flash Drive is not so expensive to get it. Also can avoid from trying it onto your Hard Drive. It can cause lost of data from any mistake that occurred.
Let begin. I assumed that you already created Sabily Live DVD after you complete download it from Sabily download page or from elsewhere.

1. You need minimum storage of 4GB USB Flash Drive but I preferred 8GB is better. Make sure the USB Flash Drive is empty by format it.

2. Power off your system. For safety, disconnect all your Hard Drive from your system. Plug your USB Flash Drive to your system.
Disconnect Hard Drive
 Plug USB Flash Drive
3. Power On your system then go to CMOS setup screen (please refer to your Motherboard/system manual how to get CMOS setup screen). Make sure your USB Flash Drive is detected.
USB Flash Drive detected
4. Set your boot option priority to DVD Drive. Place your Sabily Live DVD to your DVD Drive. Save your setting and reboot.
Boot priority to DVD Drive
 Place Sabily Live DVD
5. Wait until Sabily start from Live DVD completely.
Open or double click on 'Install Sabily' icon to start installation.
6. Follow instruction on the screen until 'Install' screen appeared. You will see Sabily will be install on your USB Flash Drive. Proceed to 'Install Now' button.
7. Follow on screen option and wait until installation complete.
Restart your system and you should be able to run Sabily from your USB Flash Drive. The performance maybe slow due to USB transfer rate speed.

Now you can browse and get some experiences using Sabily a free Islamic operating system. Don't forget to share your experience with other people.


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