Sabily in Gnome3 - Review

Let see a little review about Sabily in new Gnome3 desktop environment. As my installation of it in my USB 8GB flash drive, it default to Gnome desktop environment. The new appearance I think more nice than Unity. But I still need more time to get more experience on this new shell. Anyway if we feel uncomfortable with this environment, there still have Gnome classic to log in and you will get something like Gnome2 desktop. It looks old for me. Here some screenshot that I take on Sabily in Gnome3 desktop with a comment on it.

01. Monajat will start different from Gnome2. It will start like a shell from bottom of the desktop.
 02. All applications view. About same like Unity, but different.
 03. Islamic Software had one group. Included Alfanous - Quran search engine.
 04. User info and some setting.
 05. Universal Access Settings.
 06. Calendar and Schedule.
 07. Authentication.
 08. Screen keyboard. Like touch screen interface.
In this review shows login to Sabily Gnome3 desktop environment will not facing any problem. Hopefully some issue will be improved and more applications that compatible with Gnome3 will be developed and added to Sabily.



  1. how did you boot it from usb ?
    as wubi and wisabi seem to fail..?

  2. You can try this guide...carefully..

  3. assalamualaikum.
    how can i make the monajat applet to appear at right top in gnome 3?

    1. I found an alternative for it...

  4. not available on gnome3... anyway you can add it on dash or dock...