Nanny Parental Control Software - Simple Setup on Unity

Here some simple setup for your Nanny Parental Control Software inside new interface of Sabily or Ubuntu start from version 11.04. There some question about it in social network and blog. I found some people looking for Nanny blacklist for Unity but they can't found it. Even on Nanny website, there some problem to get or install it. Maybe they will fix it soon. Anyway what I want to share here how set the site that you want to block. Mean that you already know address of the site. For example I show here is Facebook and previously I had block Youtube. Lets try.

01. Click on Unity shell and search for Nanny. It already installed to Sabily. I'm not sure for other distro. Anyway if not yet installed, you can get and install it from Ubuntu Software Center.
02. Enter your login password here. No way to make different password.
03. Click on the Key button to make all the setting available.
04. This is PC time use that you can set. Just click or drag on it to change. Each block divided for half an hour. Red mean blocked time and green mean permitted time.
05. To add require block site, click on the Web Browser menu the click on the Configure button.
06. On the Forbidden menu, click on the Add button. You can see here I already blocked Youtube.
07. Add the name, description and URL of the site that you want to block. Name and description is up to you. The most important is URL of the site. For example here I add Facebook URL.
08. Facebook already added. Close the window then click on Apply button. Close Nanny setting window.
09. Open your web browser than try the URL that you added before. For example here, Facebook already block by Nanny Parental Control.

Hopefully you can control usage of computer or Internet for your kids without you need to monitor them all the time by using Nanny Parental Control software. So you can do other work while they use computer.



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  2. We are not accuse our child looking for adult contents website. The most important for nanny blacklist is the spam URL that maybe direct to bad contents website... Hopefully we are not search for bad contents website but sometime when we search something on Google, first letter we type already suggest to the most hit link... and sometime accidentally the bad site had been hit... so if you know the bad URL, you can add it on the forbidden sites...

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  4. Impressive!You are describe whole step about uses of parental software.This tutorial is very useful for us.