Install Unity on Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds

If you are still on Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds but feel want to try Unity before fully upgrade to Sabily 11.04 Badr, you can install it without any problem. I had try and it work. By run install command on terminal, wait till completed then restart, I got Ubuntu Netbook Edition session. Log in same like entering Unity session on Sabily 11.04 Badr. Just a little different of arrangement. You can try it on your Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds too. Then you can decide either need to upgrade it or not.

Here some step with screenshot to install Unity on Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds.

1. sudo apt-get install unity.
 2. "y" to continue.
 3. Unity installation completed. Restart Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds.
 4. Log in to Ubuntu Netbook. Now we are on Unity Session.
 5. Other screenshot of Sabily 10.10 Al-Quds in Unity session.

If you don't like to use Unity session, restart then select Ubuntu session before log in.



  1. salam
    thanks for the tips.
    i've installed Sabily Al-Badr, but unity not installed.
    i followed your tips and it's installed now.

    i write this comment using sabily Al-Badr with CDMA Modem.
    i tried connect it trough Mobile Boadband but failed. so i used WVDIAL as a i connect it on Sabily Manarat several times ago.

    visit my blog at

  2. Alhamdulillah, thanks for your support bro...