Sabily 11.04 Badr Beta - Gnome2 and Unity Session

In this post I will show default session for Sabily 11.04 Badr Beta which is gnome2 and then I change to Unity session. For Ubuntu 11.04 Beta, their default session is Unity. Maybe due to some software and driver issue, Sabily make gnome2 their default session. You can change the session to Unity after log out. I think soon they will include gnome3 too.

Here some screenshot of Sabily 11.04 Badr Beta after completed installation.

01. Default session to gnome2 with Minbar application start as previous released.
02. New wallpaper for Badr.
03. Islamic software inside Badr. Zakat Calc RC is new Islamic software that included.
04. LibreOffice also new software that replace OpenOffice.
05. Log out and login to Unity session.
06. Applications view on Unity session.
07. Firefox 4.0 running in Unity session.
08. Zekr application running in Unity session. It works well.
09. Nanny application running in Unity session. Works well too.
10. Application for System view in Unity.

So now we are waiting for official release of Sabily 11.04 Badr planned on 5th May 2011. Full of new item will be include on it soon. If you had try this beta version and found some problem, you can post your comment to



  1. Kalo dr Sabily Al-Quds blh upgrade ke Al-Badr?

  2. Insya'Allah boleh... tunggu official release...

  3. Nice...thanks bro. Still need to improve my linux usage....msh beginner lg. Harp minx tunjuk ajar

  4. No problem bro... thanks for you interested and support..

  5. mantabs gan......salam sabily

  6. apa beda gnome dan unity?? syukron

  7. susunan interfacenya...
    unity compatible dengan netbook/notebook..

  8. Assalamu`alaikum Saudara2ku.

    Saya mohon izin menggunakan dan meletakkan screenshotnya ya.

    Sabili Al Badr ini memang sangat luar biasa.

  9. Salam , boleh tolong ajar tak macamana nak ubah startup screen yang waktu log in tu , nak ubah wallpaper dia kalau dapat , ana lagi ada beberapa islamic wallpaper nak ubah utk startup tu ( biasa dulu ubah loginscreen waktu window guna tune up ) syukran jazakallah :)

  10. Salam..
    Please try "Startup Manager".