Installing Windows 8 Inside Linux Sabily

Windows 8 will be released soon. Now they had released Developer Preview version. You can download it from Microsoft download page. If you plan to install Windows 8 on your Linux, you just need to use virtual machine for example Virtualbox like what I'm doing. Then you can try it without remove your lovely distro from your machine. Lets see some screenshot that I take while installation process of Windows 8 on my Linux Sabily Badr 11.04.

01. Ready to start Windows 8 installation by using Virtualbox OSE.
02. Start screen.
03. Language and other preferences info. Same as Windows 7.
04. Ready to install button.
05. Setup is starting...
06. License terms to accept.
07. Installation type to select.
08. Location to install and partitioning.
09. Installation in progress.
10. Getting devices ready...
11. Preparing...
12. Personalize. It was surprise because they use green color.
13. Finalizing settings.
14. Log in.
15. Default desktop. It was customize for touch screen display.
16. Desktop environment.
17. Windows 8 Developer preview successful install inside Linux Sabily Badr 11.04.
18. Setting widget. Shut down pop up.

If you plan to make dual boot between Windows 8 and Linux, the easiest way is you need to install Windows first then follow by Linux.


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