Firefox Personas - Sabily Badr theme

I had created Sabily Badr theme for Mozilla Firefox Personas. So if you interested, please use it. Maybe some people still don't know what is Firefox Personas. Here some information about it. Also the link to our Sabily Badr Firefox Personas.

What is Firefox Personas?
- Personas are easy to use theme that let you personalize the look of your Firefox web browser.
- Just install it by clicking on button on personas homepage then you can personalize your Firefox web browser.

Example Firefox without personas install.
Example Firefox with personas installed.
You also can create your own personas. Built, then submit it to share with other users.

 - for header, you need to create jpg or png format picture with 3000px width and 200px height.

 - for footer also same you need jpg or png format picture at 3000px width and 100px height.

The file must below than 300kb of size.
If you interested and have much time, lets try to create your own personas and share it with others.

Here is link to Sabily Badr personas. You can help to spread Sabily by wear this personas to your Firefox web browser.

Screenshot of Firefox with Sabily Badr personas.

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