BlankOn Sajadah - Try Live DVD Image

Just finished download BlankOn 6.0 Ombilin with codename Sajadah. Another distro from Indonesian group. I got time to try it Live DVD image to see how its look like. After run it on my Virtualbox, I can say that this group had done an amazing job for it. Very hard work especially it running in their own language. Beside that English still support. In this distro they include all Islamic software that have inside Sabily and other new that not have in Sabily. Congratulations to BlankOn group from Indonesia for releasing of this distro. Later I will install to browse and experience more deep inside it. Lets see some screenshot that I take on BlankOn 6.0 Ombilin Sajadah live DVD image.

1. BlankOn 6.0 Ombilin live DVD image boot menu.

2. Boot Splash image. Beauty green color with Sajadah codename.

3. Default screen. Nice wallpaper with bright brown color.

4. Shutdown screen.

For Indonesian, this is another Islamic distro that I think very nice and worth to get it. Especially it run fully in your own language. Maybe can be install it side by side with Sabily Insya'Allah.
Next I will share my experience how to install it on your system and maybe side by side with Sabily.


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