Free Electronics Software

There are some free electronics software out there that we can try. This time I will focus on stripe board and breadboard software. Actually using stripe board is better for small component quantity and size project and using breadboard is easy for simulation. You can find some on Linux Mint Software Manager or others if you are using different distro. It is totally free open source software.
Let see two of the most popular electronics software for stripe board and breadboard.

1. Diy-layout-creator

Diy-layout-creator is powerful software for stripe board lovers. The most important it is totally free to use.

Installing diy-layout-creator from Software Manager
Diy-layout-creator example 1

2. Fritzing

Fritzing can create three layout simultaneously when you create either one of breadboard, schematic or PCB. Most popular for Arduino user since the PCB installed together.

Installing fritzing from Software Manager
Fritzing example 1

Next post I will discuss and study about each software separately.

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