Blankon Sajadah 7.0 Pattimura - Another Islamic Operating System

Before this, I had post about Blankon 7.0 Pattimura. Here its Islamic version call Blankon Sajadah 7.0 Pattimura. This distro is from Indonesia. Its operating system language is default to Bahasa Indonesia. Anyway you still can choose others language. Islamic software already install in it same like Sabily but for Indonesian you have advantage that some of the software were set to Indonesian language. Blankon Sajadah 7.0 artwork also very nice. Mosque with blue background in the early morning. Lets see some screenshot of it,

01. Start screen.
 02. Installation completed.
 03. Default desktop.
 04. Favorite.
 05. System information.
 06. Islamic software.
 07. Shutdown menu.