Sabily Magazine - Coming Soon

    In order to spread Sabily, Sabily Promotion Team from Malaysia already decide to publish a Magazine of Sabily call "Edaran Sabily" mean Sabily distribution.  It is iniative from Sabily Malaysian Team to spread Sabily to their nation. In this case the magazine will be in Malaysian language. Hopefully soon they will translate it to English then publish it. The magazine soon can be downloaded from Sabily Malaysia homepage. Print version is under consideration depend on reader request.
    In this case they now calling for volunteer especially from Malaysia or Indonesia to participate in their magazine project to be a writer and graphic designer for specific article that they would like to publish in the second issue of the magazine soon. The magazine will cover  more topic about Sabily, a little about Ubuntu and other distro, Open source, latest news, Community activity, games, programming, Tips, Q & A, etc.
    So if you have talent and interest to participate, you should sent your application to tell which areas of interest. What are you waiting for?

Here is sample screenshot of the "Edaran Sabily" magazine cover.
Don't forget to get it soon..



  1. how to use wine on sabily...i cant open all of my windows program such us photoshop....pls help me...
    i newbie on linux...:-)

  2. Make sure you already install Wine. Right click then select Open With Wine. You can run your program from Applications/Wine/Program/

  3. Salam Alaikum,
    I think, wine not sure will work fine with all windows applications, just remember: wine is an emulator tool.
    For help, you should see

  4. salam alaik..

    may i know,,,,can i install this sabily on windows vista??..and how??..

    good JOb!!beautiful...masha Allah..subhanallah..

  5. Salam, Alhamdulillah...
    You can install Sabily on any windows by using Virtualbox or Wisabi. Using Virtualbox by install it on Windows then run Sabily inside it. Using Wisabi will install Sabily on Windows like other program then you can uninstall it back.